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Our Team.


The governing board of the CNNC is comprised of faculty members from Canada’s law schools, who are connected to or specialize in the area of dispute resolution.  All have researched, written and/or taught in the field of negotiation and dispute resolution.  All are actively involved in the development of experiential learning opportunities for law students in their programs and across the country.  


From left to right:

Professor Gemma Smyth, University of Windsor, Faculty of Law

Professor John Kleefeld, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of LawProfessor Dr. Bruce Curran, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law

Michaela Keet, University of Saskatchewan, College of Law (Chair)

Yvan Larocque, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law

Not pictured:

Dr. Nayha Acharya, Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law

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