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Welcome to the Canadian National Negotiation Competition
Bienvenue au Concours de négociation national canadien

The Canadian National Negotiation Competition in 2023 will be held in person and will be hosted by McGill University, Faculty of Law on February 24-25, 2023.

Cette année, le Concours de négociation national canadien tiendra pour la première fois un projet pilote de compétition en français.


Questions? Contact Prof. Geneviève Saumier

The 2023 edition of the Competition is supported by / L'édition de 2023 du Concours est soutenue par 

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Law students from across Canada showcase their negotiation, communication, and lawyering skills in realistic simulations of two-party and multiparty negotiation scenarios. Each team participates in three rounds. The students’ self-analysis reflection coupled with the judges’ feedback ensures that students will strengthen their skills even further. The top teams qualify for the International Negotiation Competition.


Founded in 2017 the CNNC promotes lawyer competency in non-litigation dispute resolution forums and builds networks between Canadian teaching programs. The competition includes a master-class demonstration or talk and some mix-and mingle social events


Two teams are invited from each law school. Competitors are assessed on the skills they used to work towards a good client outcome, their professionalism, and their self-analysis.


About Canadian National Negotiation Competition

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